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Jun 6, 2018  
May 2, 2018   WTB: Level 1 charger 12A
Nov 29, 2017   Dual Motor AWD 2015 Model S 85D
Mar 7, 2017   FREE - Motorcycle Conversion in Progress
Jun 21, 2016   Nissan branded car charger - longest cord available
May 20, 2015   2007 Scion eBox - by AC Propulsion
Feb 23, 2015   PMG132, Agni, and Original Etek motors up to 28kw
Aug 22, 2014   Canadian Electric Vehicles Garage Sale
Aug 14, 2014   2001 Dynasty IT EV City Car
May 24, 2014   EVT 1500 watt scooters for sale
May 6, 2014   EVT4000e Scooter and parts for sale
Mar 17, 2014   2006 dynasty it $4999 with new batteries
Sep 11, 2013   Dynasty
Aug 16, 2013   Leaf Importation
Jul 25, 2013   1992 Electric Dodge Caravan.
Dec 22, 2012   EV Parts For Sale.
Jul 12, 2012   1998 Cavalier EV Conversion. *SOLD*
Jun 25, 2012   Lightly Used 4 KW Enginer Plug-in Hybrid System.
Jun 25, 2012   1985 Vanagon ... all electric.
Jun 21, 2012   My home-converted electric motorcycle is for sale $4,000.
Feb 3, 2012   Wanted: Looking for a 4 door Electric Car, 96 Volts or more.
Nov 1, 2011   2002 RAV4 EV
Mar 26, 2011   1980 Porsche 928 EV Conversion.
Jan 19, 2011   72V x ~400A DC Drive Parts.
Aug 29, 2010   1994 Geo Metro Glider.
Jun 28, 2010   DC Drive parts from Ford Ranger Conversion.
May 18, 2010   Dodge Neon 1996.
May 11, 2010   Elec-trak accessories.
May 2, 2010   2006 Dynasty IT.
Apr 21, 2010   Electric S-10.
Nov 7, 2009   1982 Electric Mazda RX7.
Oct 1, 2009   Two sealed deep cycle Interstate DCS-75BT 12 volt 75AH batteries from a mobility scooter
Sep 6, 2009   Electric S-10
Jun 25, 2009   92 S-10 Conversion


Jun 6, 2018 -

Put your Item(s) and price(s) here
I am looking for a project to convert to electric, preferably an early VW Beetle, I am looking for a motor/controller/batteries etc etc etc,
anyone have any leads or can put me in touch with another member who is doing this
Many thanks

Contact: Robert Cutting 604 560 9837


May 2, 2018 - WTB: Level 1 charger 12A

I'm looking for a second charger for my Leaf - can be portable or mountable, just needs to work on a 110V 15A circuit.

Contact: Max Melchior 604 338 2755


Nov 29, 2017 - Dual Motor AWD 2015 Model S 85D

+ 85 kWh battery with about 420 km range
+ FREE Supercharger use enabled for life of vehicle
+ Autopilot Hardware 1 - with Adaptive cruise control and lane keeping
+ 19" Wheels with Pirelli Sottozero full winter tires
+ Blue Metalic Paint with Tan Nappa Leather Seats & Obeche Wood Matte Décor
+ Dual Chargers 80 Amp capabilty
+ Tech Package with Fog lamps, Backup Camera, Back up Sensors, Front parking sensors, Cornering lights
+ Smart Air Suspension
+ Ultra High Fidelity Sound System upgrade
+ Heated seats and heated front & rear windshields
+ Unlimited kilometer warranty on battery & drive units to Mar 2023
+ Balance of warranty to 160,000 km or 2 years.
+ Currently 107,000 kilometers - recent full inspection & service by Tesla

Price $85,800

Contact: Erik Hansen  or 

Home 250-675-4820 or Cell 250-463-1910

Call or email for further information - located in northern Okanagan Valley

Contact: Erik Hansen 250-675-4820


Mar 7, 2017 - FREE - Motorcycle Conversion in Progress

I have a 1980 or so, Yamaha 850 frame (everything but the gasoline engine) that I had intended to convert to electric.  I would like to find
someone to pass the project to.  I will over the next while attempt to coral all the parts into one tight area. If there is anyone looking
for a project like this, please contact me as my only other option is to give everything to a local bike shop (hoping of course they'd want
it.  If you find someone, please have them contact me at this email address.

Contact: Les Davis 604-521-5848


Jun 21, 2016 - Nissan branded car charger - longest cord available

Returned the Nissan Leaf after 4 years, but still have the charger. Looking to get rid of it, please let me know if you are interested.
Maybe $400?
It also comes with a lot of charger to panel wiring (25  feet or so). Already assembled, just needs hooking into electric panel.

Contact: Aaron Pelman 604 875-0132


May 20, 2015 - 2007 Scion eBox - by AC Propulsion

Electric Scion Private Sale by first owner in Vancouver.
Asking $15,000. 
7 year old AC Propulsion factory conversion ($70,000 original conversion).
Range 100 km, 100 mph max.  
If interested call Gordon at (604) 889-2003

Contact: Gordon Day 604-889-2003


Feb 23, 2015 - PMG132, Agni, and Original Etek motors up to 28kw

I have large selection of pancake style axially gaped permanent magnet motors in stock for sale. I have only new Etek motors (original
style)left in stock. Here is the pricing on everything I have......
New Etek  (old style)              $850
New PMG132                         $1200
Used PMG 132                       $850
New  Agni                          $1200
Used Agni                          $850
Used Agni-R                        $1250
Pricing is in Canadian dollars. Shipping extra. Used motors are all overhauled and test run.
I also have Curtis controllers for $150 each. (most are new)

Let me know if you have any questions
Regards Jurgen

Contact: Jurgen Borovica 604-764-7538


Aug 22, 2014 - Canadian Electric Vehicles Garage Sale

For pictures and descriptions please go to:

Contact: Randy Holmquist 250-954-2230


Aug 14, 2014 - 2001 Dynasty IT EV City Car

Dynasty IT Electric Vehicle  $1400.00  o.b.o.

72 Volt 

Haven't driven it for the last 5 months. Needs new batteries and some minor electrical and body work, (windows and door locks)Great value
just for just components: motor, charger, DC to DC converter. I have the complete parts list and all of the wiring diagrams for this car. 

For more information call Raoul @ 778-707-977o

Contact: Raoul Taylor 778-707-9770


May 24, 2014 - EVT 1500 watt scooters for sale

This Classic European look E-cycle sets a new direction in exterior design with sleek styling of yesterday, but built with tomorrow`s
standards in technology. Not only does this electric motorcycle scooter put out impressive performance levels, it also has the attractive
Italian styling that turns heads everywhere it goes!
•	Category: Electric motor-driven cycle 
•	Body: Retro 
•	Speed: 60kph/40mph 
•	Range: up to 40km/up to 24 miles
•	Motor: 1500-watts 48-volt Hub Motor 
•	Electric consumption per charge: 2 kW-hr 
•	Noise level: nearly silent 
•	Emission: none 
•	Contaminants: none 
•	Charger: 400-watts 7-amps 
•	Weight: 280-pounds (based on SLA batteries)
•	Hydraulic Rear Disc, Front Drum Brakes
•	MSRP $3,699.00 plus batteries
Revisiting a classic style of sophistication, this retro model offers fashion with both elegance and functionality. Beneath its deco
appearance there is a very sophisticated electric vehicle with a proven record of reliability and versatility. 

Dealer over stocked:  Price while they last = $1,500.00

Contact: John Frith


May 6, 2014 - EVT4000e Scooter and parts for sale

EVT4000e scooter for sale. Charger built into the bike. Easier for charging on the go. 48 volts system,  speeds up to 68 km per hour, two
lithium ion slicbox batteries installed. $2500 obo
EV motorcycle or car parts available for sale. 
144 volt electric motor
motorzilla controller
Pruis battery
Ninja motorcycle frame

Contact: Stephen Burgess (604) 782-2932


Mar 17, 2014 - 2006 dynasty it $4999 with new batteries

I have a electric car , dynasty IT. 
I am selling it because I am planning to work in US later.
new price is $20000.
new batteries(cost $2000 and maintanace fee trojant gem) was replaced 5 month ago.

you can hear sounds while driving just like racing car^^(but maximum speed is 50km)

changed 4 tires as well.
last week, someone broken my door handle so it needs to replace it which costs 6$ in ebay.

I planced in craigslist on $6600 but I decided to reduced so I can sell quickly. also same model same year now selling at 7999 which need to
replace battery.

I hope you like it.

Contact: PEACE CHO 6043564017


Sep 11, 2013 - Dynasty

Dynsaty "It" 
This is a highly modified Dynsaty with the following features.
1. Brand new batteries, oversized Trojan 1275 rated at 75 amps for 70 minutes. An older set these batteries have give nearly 4 years of
service. The battery tray has been modified and overhead tray lifted to accommodate.
2.A gen set has been installed compromising of a 7 HP industrial Suburu engine and a 3 phase generator cable of 60 amps at 72 volts. This
practically runs the car on level ground and gives give unlimited range. Ex: 90 km and battery at 1/2 discharge. The chassis has been
extended, heavier shocks installed and remote choke, throttle and start have been installed between the front seats.The Gen set is also
useful when the batteries get old to give a little boost to get home.The gen is installed in a box for weatherproofing, sound and vibration
There are many other mods, to numerous to mention here.
Offered at $7999.99 give me a call

Contact: Louis Vallee 250 539 5317


Aug 16, 2013 - Leaf Importation

I bought my 2012 Leaf from these guys in May 2013.  It was brought up from Seattle.  They`ve had several US Model 2011s and 2012s come
through ($24,000) and there is a 2013 now ($34,000).  I also hear they have some Volts in stock now.  Talk to Julian Sale.

Motorize Auto Direct inc
2031 Malaview Ave
Sidney, BC
Call or text 250-884-2698
Dealer 31070

Contact: Mark Rossetto 604-709-8794


Jul 25, 2013 - 1992 Electric Dodge Caravan.

1992 Electric Dodge Caravan. Converted in 2001, good tires new batteries, in good working condition.  obo $4200, Please call (604) 288 1773.

Contact: Rudi Tseng 604 288-1773


Dec 22, 2012 - EV Parts For Sale.

EV Parts For Sale.
Excess stock from an EV shop now on clearance, will be about half the cost of normal if not less. Package deals preferred. Pick up in
Kelowna, delivery to your shop/door can be arranged. Get good quality parts to convert your vehicle, at a reasonable cost.
Inquire with what you're looking for, here's a few examples:
-Ford Ranger EV AC 3 phase motors (67Kw continous, ~90HP) - professionally refurbished
-Azure Dynamics AC Controllers 
-Lithium Batteries
-Brusa Chargers 1500-3000W
-DC-DC converters
-Electric vaccuum pumps
-Electric water/coolant pumps
-Electric heaters 
-Hardware, Wiring, Switches, Relays, and Cable Lugs

Contact: Jeff


Jul 12, 2012 - 1998 Cavalier EV Conversion. *SOLD*

 1998 Cavalier EV Conversion.

*Update*  Car Has Sold!  Congrats to Jason in Langford!

Contact: Robin Sipe 250-262-5801


Jun 25, 2012 - Lightly Used 4 KW Enginer Plug-in Hybrid System.

Lightly Used 4 KW Enginer Plug-in Hybrid System. 
If you are considering converting your Prius or other hybrid to plug-in here is your chance to get one for less than half price. Same
components as the newest system. This unit is one year old and has approximately 100 charge cycles on it. (batteries are rated for 1500-2000

Price $2500. Includes mounting hardware, installation CD and 6 Month warranty.  We can also install the system for $650.00

Contact: Greg Murray 604 630-8790


Jun 25, 2012 - 1985 Vanagon ... all electric.

1985 Vanagon..all electric.  
over $10,000 invested 
Asking $7000
view on -EAS Electric Autosports-  website

puuurfect around town bus!

Contact: Greg Murray 604 630-8790


Jun 21, 2012 - My home-converted electric motorcycle is for sale $4,000.

My home-converted electric motorcycle is for sale. $4,000 takes the whole works. It's freeway-capable. I put about 12,000km on it commuting
between Langley and Burnaby. It cost approximately $20,000 to build. I'm selling because I need the money for other stuff.

Clear title, registered as a battery electric vehicle.

Images and a large amount of detail is here:

Components of note:

25 Thundersky 90AH LFP90 Lithium Iron Phosphate cells (mostly dead, useful for a test pack)
Curtis 1236-63xx 48-80V 300A light on-road AC induction controller
AC-12 motor (21.6KW with the above controller, approx 31 HP - enough to do ~125kph with the gearing I was using)
Delta-Q 72V QuiQ charger
Sure Power Industries, Inc 71030i DC/Dc converter
PakTrakr cell monitor, lithium version, 24 cells.

Everything is in good working condition, with the exception of the battery pack. 

If you're building an electric motorcycle, buying mine and using the parts from it is an excellent way to get nearly everything you need. It
will save you a *giant pile of money*.

I'm willing to entertain offers, but please don't offer me 5 bucks and a tuna sandwich for the whole thing. I just don't have time for that.


Robyn Lundstrom

Contact: Robyn Lundstrom 778-785-6071


Feb 3, 2012 - Wanted: Looking for a 4 door Electric Car, 96 Volts or more.

Wanted: Looking for a 4 door Electric Car, 96 Volts or more. Doesn't matter if it is old or needs work, or batteries.Does anybody have any
old EV's lying around? Thank you for helping me realize my goal.
Andrew Baskin
Victoria BC
250 853 3386
250 857 3520

Contact: Andrew Baskin 250-853-3368


Nov 1, 2011 - 2002 RAV4 EV

2002 RAV4 EV for sale. Asking for 22,000. In great shape. New Tires, new input capacitor and new car battery. Nickel metal hydride
batteries. Original car parts, interior in great shape. It is an original from California. Includes car charger. Available imediately.
Located in Port Moody, easy transport in the lower mainland. please contact us at or call 780-972-5066.

Contact: Brian Bishop 780-972-5066


Mar 26, 2011 - 1980 Porsche 928 EV Conversion.

1980 Porsche 928 EV Conversion.
This car was converted by Al Godfrey. 
I purchased from him in 2008 for $25,000. 
Selling at $16,000. 
I was only able to use for a short time before the battery pack 
was spent and is currently in storage. 
Al designed this car for Lithium Battery pack. 
It has regenerate braking and heated seats but no heaters. 
For technical details please visit

Contact: John Littauer 403-281-4896


Jan 19, 2011 - 72V x ~400A DC Drive Parts.

72V x ~400A DC Drive Parts.
Suitable for very small car, motorcycle, boat gokart, or junior dragster. More details & pics to follow.

Sepex Controllers:
Sevcon SEM, Zapi H2 72V, Curtis 1274 "prototype" and 1244 "may need repair"

Series controller: Curtis 1209

Motors (all around 5hp, all used or oddball): 
One 6.7" ADC series motor with 1" keyed shaft
One 6,7" sepex motor with shaft

Golf Cart Motors - Only one bearing! Output is a female 13 tooth spline made to fit directly into golf cart transmissions (below)
6.7" ADC 5.5hp GC motors
6.7" ADC ?hp GC motor- only one set of brushes
6.7" Kostov sepex - has two endplates, but only 1 bearing. 6.7" GE sepex motor
6.7" WEMOCO motor

Golf Cart Transmissions (reduction gears & differential)
Dana Spicer 9.85
ratio - straight cut (a little buzzy, with backlash). 
Half shafts that fit matching hub/knuckles

Steering wheels, columns, rack & pinions, tierods (a few sets of workable "seconds")

Chargers: All 120Vac, ~10A output
Zivan NG1's mostly for flooded G31 Trojans, and burnt input fuses.
 One oddball 

Schott Power System, Electrocraft, Zapi

Contactors - Allbright 72V contacts/ 72V coil. All are either used or damaged. Contacts may need filing or replacement, coil contacts are
broken off, or case is chipped etc.

One small Curtis dcdc
Many prototype SPS dcdc's (may work for for a while, will always die)

Contact: John Foster 604 602-0379


Aug 29, 2010 - 1994 Geo Metro Glider.

1994 Geo Metro Glider.  Bad engine. in Nanaimo. call / email Luke for details.  $800.00

Contact: Don Chandler 250-714-1814


Jun 28, 2010 - DC Drive parts from Ford Ranger Conversion.

DC Drive parts from Ford Ranger Conversion.  Click image to view. 

Slightly used - only 1200 kms on:

11" warp motor mated to manual transmission
1000 amp Zilla controller
Manzanita PFC-20 charger
Curtis 1231C controller 
24 6V lead acid batteries. 
Battery boxes and mounting hardware all made by Cdn Electric Vehicles
Intertia switches and manual safety disconnects
Integration performed by certified engineers
Comes with wiring diagrams and full integration documentation
Ready for 240V charging
2, 500 amp Alltrax controllers
7" warp motor
2, 36V chargers
Some power converter as well (not sure what kind)

Contact: Guy Faubert 604 568-5195


May 18, 2010 - Dodge Neon 1996.

Dodge Neon 1996.

engine worth $12,000
conversion $10,000
asking $12.000
 lifestyle change now selling, enjoyed our years with her

Contact: Nicola Tiburzi 604.885.1977


May 11, 2010 - Elec-trak accessories.

Elec-trak accessories. For sale - or preferably trade for accessories I don't have.

Snowblower:         $400 (works well, little rust, with handle)
Weight box:         $150 (rusty but solid, almost essential with snowblower)
Chains:             $50 (rusty)
Welder              $300 (New Idea branded, as new)
Chainsaw            $300 (works well, good condition)
Mower deck          $250 (narrow motors need re-build, solid but rusty)
Accessory Extension cords $35 (wire has hardened, otherwise as new)
Accessory Plugs     $10 (1 free to VEVA members with Elec-traks while they last)

All parts are OEM, work well, and are located in New Westminster, BC - about 25 minutes from Blaine, WA.  Please leave a message if I do not
answer. Haakon

Contact: Haakon MacCallum 604-782-2488


May 2, 2010 - 2006 Dynasty IT.

2006 Dynasty IT.

Aluminum Frame			
Fibreglass Body
Front Wheel Drive				
Regenerative Braking

Payload: 700 kg
Range: Over 100km*
Top Speed: 80km/hr

Curtis 1238 Controller
2 Zivan Battery Chargers (110VAC)
Deka Dominator Gel Batteries (Maintenance Free)

Alpine sound system
Air Conditioning (reversible to produce heat)
Dual Battery pack (Total 12 group 31 batteries, PLUS 2 AGM accessory batteries)
AC High Performance Drive System
Mag Wheels

2 custom car covers (one for indoor, one for outdoor)
Spare gearbox
2 spare rear shock assemblies
2 spare front shock assemblies
4 spare wheels with tires
2 extra seats
Charging cord


Contact: David Christensen 604-782-9897


Apr 21, 2010 - Electric S-10.

Electric S-10.  

I sadly have to sell my Baby.  This truck has commuted me back and forth to work for the last year.  My job has now changed and I have to go
to client sites to repair equipment all over GVDR and alas this vehicle does not have the range.

24 x 6 volt batteries totalling 144 Volts nominal
9" Advanced DC motor refurbished less than a year ago
80 KM max Range
100 HPH max speed
Fully charges in 6 hours

Professionally converted by Canev for the provincial Government (not a back yard job)

Plugs into a standard wall plug to charge

Costs $25 per month to charge.  With the price of gas over $1.00 per litre think of the savings

Brand new Transformer ($800 Value)

Automatic watering system (worth its weight in gold for lead acid batteries)

Canopy Covered Truck bed.

Beatiful graphic applied to the front end.

Asking $16,500 but open to offers as I am a student again.

Contact: Craig Macdonald 604-307-5680


Nov 7, 2009 - 1982 Electric Mazda RX7.

1982 Electric Mazda RX7.
Off white colour, 9inch Advanced DC motor, 144 volts, Curtis 1231C controller, 
DCP DC-DC converter, Thomas vacuum pump, 18 eight volt batteries will need replacing. 
Conversion was done seven years ago in March.  $9000 obo.  
Also available, free - a medium sized Club Cadet tractor meant to be converted.  
Currently untouched, not running - has a broken conn rod. 

Contact: Harry Snalam 604-273-8209


Oct 1, 2009 - Two sealed deep cycle Interstate DCS-75BT 12 volt 75AH batteries from a mobility scooter

Two sealed deep cycle Interstate DCS-75BT 12 volt 75AH batteries from a mobility scooter. 
Has not been used much, in very good shape. 
$100.00 each or best offer - they are worth more then that.

Contact: Ken Shiels


Sep 6, 2009 - Electric S-10

Electric S-10.

Sadly I must sell my Electric S-10. We are moving to an area that is way out of range for this vehicle to be able to make it to civilization and back, let alone be able to make the trip at 30 below zero in the winter. The truck has been terrific and absolutely problem free. Specs that are important… 1995 Chevy S-10 5 speed manual with about 187K on it. The body is in pretty good shape. The only vehicle issue is that the anti-lock brakes no longer anti-lock. There is a warning light that blinks all the time to warn about this. I suspect that it is caused by the fact that the engine computer is gone. The stickers that are on the vehicle can be removed. Zilla Z1K LV motor controller. Recently upgraded to the –A version. This allows for a switch to be installed that will make the tachometer read RPM or Amps on the fly. Manzanita PFC-30 charger. Charge time from empty on 220 volt supply is about 4 to 4 1/2 hours. This charger has the terrific advantage in that you do not need to change anything if you plug into 110 or 220 volt supply lines. Just plug it in to either voltage and it will charge up. Slower on 110 of course. If you do blow a fuse on the input there is a current control knob that allows you to turn the charger down so that it does not blow fuses. The charger is currently very well aligned with the batteries. A gender bender is included for 110 volt connections. There is a safety relay in place that prevents the vehicle from moving if the land line is plugged in. This charger also has built into it the BatReg interface for easy upgrade to Lithium Ion batteries. LiOn batteries need more controls that lead acid. 26 6V deep discharge (golf cart) flooded batteries in very good condition. Battery pack is 156 volts 232 AH and all batteries are less than 1 year old. No melted terminals or replacement batteries in the time I have owned it and all cells read the correct voltage. There are no known issues with them. I have run a range test recently and I made it to 77K with 115 amp hours consumed from the batteries. The terrain was a bit hilly, certainly not flat. Having the tachometer display the amps is a huge advantage for maximizing range. Xantrex Link-10 power meter. This meter automatically resets to zero after a completed charge cycle. Advanced DC 9” 4 new tires with less than 1000K on them, high pressure, low rolling resistance type (44 PSI). Rear suspension upgrade. Electric heater (of course). The vacuum system is properly connected so if you change from defrost to heater then the air output does move accordingly. The flywheel has been balanced so I am able to spin the motor up to a fairly high RPM when required without significant vibration. This also helps to make the vehicle very quiet even for an EV. The only service or repair issue I have had was a melted terminal on the motor. I am certain that it was caused by my not tightening it in the first place. This incident happened within a few days of the conversion. Since the repair there have been no issues. Tachometer reads motor amps or RPM per a setting in the Zilla. A switch can be installed for on the fly display change. Speedometer does work as it is driven by a Dakota Digital box. The engine computer was removed. The vacuum pump is mounted under the box in the back and I don’t hear it at all unless I am stationary and the windows are open. If you would like a better look then go to I can honestly say that it breaks my heart to sell it. The only reason I can live with this decision is because we are building an off-grid, passively solar heated home. Earthship style if you are interested. Asking price is 28K. Call me if you have any questions (604) 886-5826

Contact: J. Peter MacKay 604-886-5826


Jun 25, 2009 - 92 S-10 Conversion

92 S-10 Conversion. Asking $21,500 OBO.  
See website

Contact: Dave Prince